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How do we help you resolve your home loan problems?

“The Rebound team will offer to buy your house and negotiate with your bank to resolve your debt so that you avoid having it sold at auction.”

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Register online to get more information on the Rebound program. Alternatively, phone us or email us, and we will explain the Rebound process and the benefits of the program.

We inspect your property and prepare a Rebound offer for you.

We will visit you and inspect your property, obtain some additional information from you and meet with your bank to discuss how to resolve your home loan.

We will present the Rebound offer for you to consider.

The Rebound team will offer to buy your property, and in return, we will outline what debt forgiveness your bank is offering. We will also explain any other benefits we can provide you with, including assistance in finding a new home.

If you accept our offer, we will start to resolve your home loan problems as outlined.

On accepting the Rebound offer, our team will buy your house and arrange for the bank to settle your home loan as explained. Depending on our agreement, you may elect to stay in your home at an affordable rental while you search for a new home.

We will prepare your house for resale and assess whether we can offer you assistance to find a new home.

We decide how best to resell the property, and if you requested assistance to find a new home as part of our Rebound agreement, you might receive a cash “Home Booster Bonus” when you move out.

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