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Our Story

The Rebound team is a small, dedicated group that developed our mortgage resolution plan to address a critical problem in the distressed home loans market. Sheriff auctions leave homeowners without a home, crippling debt and huge obstacles to getting back onto their feet. They also result in huge losses for banks, affecting their appetite for new lending.

Our team created a solution called Rebound. With the backing of the Nimble Group, Rebound offers a better outcome to all involved. Each team member’s experience and track record played a crucial role in the creation of Rebound:

Andrew Watt

Co-Founder and former Managing Director of Lightstone Property

Greg Salter

Former Managing Executive of Nedbank Home Loans

Johan Cloete

Property Valuer and founder of several valuations and technology businesses

Revasha Angud

Attorney with extensive conveyancing experience

Vivienne Holmes

Property Marketing Manager with extensive Real Estate experience

Gilson Torquato

Property Valuer and Leads Manager

See “Frequently Asked Questions” for more information or email us at: Help@rebound-sa.co.za