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The Rebound program is an innovative new solution that has been helping its clients resolve their home loan problems for over 12 months. Here is what some have had to say:

“At first it sounded too good to be true. I was really worried about losing my home and my credit record. Fortunately the Rebound program helped me sort out my debt and provided me the money to put a deposit down on a new home to rent. I am very grateful that my bank offered me this help and will certainly consider taking out another home loan with them.”

Sandile Zimu

“I had an investment property which I let out to students. When Covid-19 hit, some of my tenants moved out and the others couldn’t pay their rent. I was worried about my bank taking legal action and that my property would sell for a very low price at auction. The Rebound offer created a certain outcome for me – I was offered a better price than I expected and that helped me to reduce my home loans shortfall.  The whole process went very smoothly and the Rebound team was very supportive the whole way.”

Penny Makeba

My property was in a booming mining town but when Covid-19 came, my tenants lost their jobs and couldn’t pay their rent.   Although my bank tried to help me, after 6 months I couldn’t afford my home loan payments. The bank introduced me to the Rebound team and their offer included my full home loans debt being resolved. I couldn’t believe it!  At first, I was worried this was some kind of scam but the Rebound team delivered on everything they offered and were very supportive and communicative through the process. I would fully recommend the program to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.”

Hanlie Smit